Noam Man-El - CEO

Noam Man-El is an adept and highly capable leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industries.

Noam was the founder and CEO of Media Layers Inc. The company enables mobile / telecom operators and ad networks to centrally manage advertising on all their mobile and digital channels and services. Media layers solution is installed in leading operators WW. 

Noam also served as a liaison officer of Hutchison 3G Australia with a major role in the design and development of the products and services offering, CRM, content, marketing and sales strategies for the pioneered 3G mobile network in Australia.

Prior to this Noam was part of the founding team of Partner communications (Orange Israel) the leading GSM mobile operator in Israel, where he served as VP customer services and special projects, responsible for the design, establishment and operation of the Customer Services and its IT and operation infrastructure. Noam led cross functional and cross divisional projects to integrate campaigns, packages and solutions to the market.

Noam Man-El also worked for Digital corp. in Israel as VP sales and marketing with total responsibility for sales marketing and services. Under Noam's leadership, Digital tripled its market share in the telecom and utilities segments in all lines of businesses. Noam also served as a member on the Board of Directors of NSI Ltd. (Negev Software Industries) as Digital's representative.

Noam Man-El holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management engineering and Electronic practical engineering degree from Tel Aviv University.

Dan Wiegenfeld - CTO

Dan Wiegenfeld has twenty years of experience in the planning and optimization fields. Dan also co-founded Better Plan Ltd. and designing its first software solution - WFMwizard and Performix Ltd., a "boutique" call center consultancy firm, specializing in planning and optimization of call centers and customer service operations. 

Before that, Dan served as VP business development at Callflow software, a company that provides contact centers with tools that ensure the effective execution of the organization's customer service strategy. Prior to Callflow, Dan served as an operations & projects manager for a leading customer care consulting firm.

Mr. Wiegenfeld graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Management Engineering. Mr. Wiegenfeld also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.